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Afrika's Design Manifesto

We, the undersigned, are Afrikan designers who have witnessed the struggles and plights of the Afrikan people. We have witnessed oppressive rule, tyranny, greed, power mongering and corruption. We have witnessed the theft of dignity and basic human rights. We believe that the power of design provides the opportunity to support and improve the lives of our neighbours. We believe that design has the power to uphold the dignity of the people of Afrika. 

We aspire to protect the rights of the people of Afrika, which includes the freedom to create, and innovate – to improve the human condition. As designers, we believe in the freedom of speech, and ardently support this freedom for others. We are averse to corruption and tyranny and any form of behaviour, violent or otherwise, that supports the interests of a select few. We accept the obligation to further the social standards of the people of Afrika. 

We shall support with honour and empathy, the people of Afrika. We accept the professional responsibility to act in the best interests of our social and natural environment. We shall act in the best interests of the people of Afrika and use our best endeavours within the limits of our professional duties. We shall not consciously assume or accept a position in which our personal interests conflict with our professional duty, or impair any of the pledges made above.