Our Committees

Collaborations for change

Led by: Events Committee Chair (Maria Thiel, IID, South Africa)

Purpose: The Events Committee is a standing committee with goals of insuring the visibility of the organization to members and the public in multiple formats. It is also to plan and coordinate PADI’s activities.


Committee’s Responsibilities

  • Find, create and implement events throughout the PADI Regions (ie where PADI has got chapters) and that help to spread PADI’s aims and objectives and educate the public about all things associated with design and design thinking.
  • The Events Committee will provide written reports to the Board of any actions taken, meetings held or discussions that have occurred.
  • Annually submit objectives and a work plan for the committee as part of the planning and budgeting process.
  • Quarterly evaluate its work as a committee and the objectives it has committed itself to for the year and report to the President.
  • The committee will meet at least 6 times each year either in person or via conference call.


Committee Members Responsibilities:

  • Serves in an advisory role to guide the committee
  • Expresses ideas and provides input
  • Actively participates in meetings, contributing to the discussion, brainstorming and sharing innovative ideas
  • Reviews material and provides input for improvement
  • Participate in the development and implementation of the committee’s work plan

Led by: Events Committee Chair (Dr Edward Appiah, KNUST, Ghana)

Purpose: The Education Committee is a standing committee with goals of look at the educational curriculum and accreditation of schools by PADI.


The Committee will seek to:

  1. Improve the abilities of PADI design educators and professionals.
  2. The qualities of PADI educational institutions members by way of focusing on education research, conferences, seminars, workshops, curriculum and program development.
  3. School Accreditation.
  4. Member accreditation

Chairperson: Juliet Kavishe (IID, Tanzania/South Africa)


Roles and Responsibilities

The Publications Committee will oversee the publications members blogs, short articles, reflective articles etc on our website.



The following are the responsibilities of the Publications Committee.


Specific annual objectives are:

- Ensure the strategic development, effective organization of publications such that they contribute to the overall goals of the Society.

- Review publication strategies and editorial policies to support ISTH goals and make recommendations to the Executive Committee and Council.

- Submit written reports once a year to the PADI Board.

  • Encourage members to write

Note: Editorial functions and decisions are the responsibility of the Chief Editor who also double up as the Chair of this committee.



The Publications Committee shall meet at least once every month, typically via tele/video conference.