To the Past Future, Afrika
Design Day 2020

Juliet Kavishe

Interim Board Member 2020
Ambassador, IID Professions, South Africa


It’s been six months since PADI’s Afrika Design Day celebrations in Johannesburg, South Africa and since then we have all experienced various levels of a global pandemic through loss of loved ones, isolation via quarantine measures, psychological and monetary strain and the never-ending virtual meetings.

However, similarly, what it has done, is bring us closer as a human race. Consideration for fellow man has increased trough understanding that one has lives over and above their rigorous 9-5, brought to light by screaming toddlers during zoom meetings, varying levels of internet connection during virtual classes, the discomfort of wearing a face mask just to prevent the spread of a deadly disease and the almost unnatural need for social distancing.

As a design community whose sole mandate it is to promote design on the African continent, coupled with design thinking, we asked a few of the attendees of this year’s celebrations to reflect on that day and answer two pertinent questions, What do you think is the strength of our African identity and How can we develop creative confidence and resourcefulness among all Afrikan citizens?”

Do enjoy the following articles from our Afrikan thought provokers who, though diverse in background, race, age and gender are truly unified in the promotion of the Afrikan Design agenda:

On Developing Creative Confidence and Resourcefulness – Prof Mafundikwa.

Creative Confidence in Afrika; a source of self-identity and resourcefulness – Sam Nii Adjaidoo

Reflections on Afrika Design Day 2020 – Dr Vikki Eriksson

My Experience at the Afrika Design Day 2020 – Peter Ekanem

You can also download the entire publication below:

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