We are all users of design. In our homes, in our working environments, in our public spaces, in the information that is available to us, on social media platforms and virtually everything we touch and do. Good design adds value to the quality of life we all experience and should be nurtured and celebrated.

Good design has an innovative and inspiring influence on our lives and communication processes. Good design can challenge, entertain, care and guard us. Good design acknowledges empathy, feeds on dignity and accepts cultural differences.

PADI Afrika Design Day (PADI ADD) will take place this year on 21st February in countries across the Continent, from Somalia to South Africa. There are several ways in which individuals and organisations can participate in the day. Depending on their personal and geographical situation, they may organise something themselves, or participate with colleagues, local associations, design institutions or national bodies in a larger event. All events are aimed at the general public to create awareness of our abilities. Keep it simple, let the work talk for itself.

PADI Afrika Design Day is not a centrally organised event, nor is it meant to be organised by national or educational members of PADI, although they may assist and encourage individuals to participate. It is hoped that PADI ADD will be organised and executed by individual designers all over the Continent.

PADI Afrika Design Day is guided by a yearly theme. The theme aims to reflect the social contribution designers make to improve the quality of life in our communities. This year the theme is Now Is Our Time, and is meant to celebrate the many great design solutions that have had an impact on this Continent over time, but can also include work done during the week of 17th to 21st February during the build up to PADI ADD, which we are calling part of Afrika Design Week, building up and culminating in presentations on 21st February.

On a larger platform we are asking contributors to the day to send work electronically to Johannesburg on the 21st February, where we are hosting a Board Meeting of the International Council of Design, ico-D. We will also have members of the International Federation of Interior Architecture/Designers, IFI, among other distinguished guests from the world and Africa as well. We would like to exhibit your contributions on this auspicious evening, be they physical entries or electronic ones. We also plan to have a small round table discussion that evening on the state of design in Africa from PADI Board Members attending together with comments from around the world from ico-D Board Members.

By: Prof. Des Laubscher
CEO of Greenside Design Center(South Africa) and Vice President of ico-D

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